Jemma Cheer Design Company

How Jemma Cheer Design works


Jemma Cheer distills complex ideas to develop engaging solutions for organisations large and small.


A human-centered approach to creative problem solving, coupled with knowledge of evolving technologies, enables Jemma to integrate the needs of clients and consumers today with what’s coming next, for more intuitive customer journeys.

She has vast experience across branding, digital and online solutions, publication and print, with the capacity to turn her hand to diverse briefs either independently or as part of a creative team. Jemma’s innate ability to embrace complexity and approach creative challenges through the lens of the user, enables her to go beyond the expected to inspire engagement through innovative, integrated and seamless design.




Logo design, brand extension, brand strategy, visual identity.

Graphic Design

Print design and layout, information design, data visualisation, infographics, environmental graphics, way finding, magazine and book design, illustration, art direction.



Design-lead thinking, brand research, strategy workshops, working within organisations as part of the team to uncover insights.


Website design, annimation, digital experience solutions.